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I don’t know why I feel sweaty and dirty even if I just took a bath yesterday. Must be the heat.

Well its summer now in the Philippines and although I have looked froward to this event ever since 3rd year of college started, all my looking forwards went down the drain. I just don’t know how to be happy spending a school free summer with my mama gone, when all the plans I had practically included her in it.

What I would’ve done for summer if my mama was still here:

1. Have a massage together

2. Clean and paint each other nails

3. Dye and cut my hair

4. Sew a pillow together

5. Watch countless movies all summer

6. Talk about the books we’ve read

7. Go to beaches

8. Play Bingo with her

9. Play cards with her

10. Take out her white hair

11.Make anything out of paper machet

12. Eat out together

When summer was the guaranteed time I would get to spend more time with her, since for ten months, school has been eating up my life, She said goodbye even before my free time can start.

For the first few days of summer, I didn’t know what to do the first thing  I woke up. I had to literally trick myself into getting out of bed amidst the challenge of it.

In my bed I would tell myself :

1. Lift your head

2. Lift your trunk

3. Pull yourself up

4. Don’t lie back down

Or another alternative is to tell myself:

1. They won’t have something to eat if you dont get up.

2. You can read a book today.

3. Friends are coming, who’s going to entertain them?

4. Mama needs you to pray for her today, get up.

So obviously, I miss my mama. Why couldn’t she wait at least until summer was over? well I can’t really decide for her fate. That’s not my job. And I couldn’t complain either. His will be done.

Well one thing I look forward to this summer is that I get to go to India to see my father again.  Will be posting about the Wonderful country soon 🙂

Have a happy summer 🙂

(I’m sorry if ever my post brought you down)


a MARCH to begin

Hello march! And I feel you now summer.

But first things first. March. before summer.

The month’s name itself signifies a trudge we are about to face as the school year ends. We will soon be able to say Goodbye to stressful exams, kind teachers, and dear friends, who helped us get through the hellfull semester.

It may be a whole months tread some of us are too afraid to face. But weirdly enough, I am going to miss the month of March, even though we aren’t halfway through it yet. All this is going to end, that I am sure of. What I am not sure about is why do I feel like I am going to miss the stressful turn up my life has been ever since my 3rd year of College life started? I have grown fondly of my studying, learning Lots of things in one night (a.k.a. cramming), studying with the people i care about and just feeling proud of myself for getting through each tiring day.

No matter what happens, Pass or fail. I will be proud of myself for journeying through such an experience some people are even afraid of venturing into.

It feels silly to feel proud of myself though when the prefinals and finals week hasn’t arrived yet, and for this, major preparation has to be done. I am yet half ready to face those rock-bottom weeks ahead.

March will be the last month i will experience all this. Therefore it makes sense to say I feel the summer fast approaching

Daffodils are the emblem of the month March

Just like a yellow daffodil, March represents the awaiting of something beautiful coming. Something to look forward to. And i know at least some people will agree with me then when I speak of summer, we think yellow.

What captures the spirit of march is the feeling that a newness will come, no matter what it is, Freedom, happiness, friends, beach, love, whatever the word for it is, It will be something beautiful. Something that we’ve been waiting for but not knowing we’ve been searching for it all along. What makes it beautiful even more is knowing that before that bliss will come along, we will go through a series of obstacles, events that will test our worthiness in achieving euphoria. Ending the month won’t be easy, I never said it would even be. But before we end this month, We begin the March, with a sense of hope and inspiration to carry us along the pot of gold that is waiting in our journey through the rain before the rainbow.

There's a Rainbow always after the Rain

Some of you might wonder why I praise the third month so much. Why wouldn’t I?

March showed me a good weather as I opened My eyes this morning. Not too sunny nor rainy.

Atis tree, bears sweet fruit.

A view from our front door

I don't know what this is called. My mom's creation.

Mama cooks the best meals when she feels like we’re too much stressed out and we need some good food to fill our tired tummies. She feels sorry for us, preparing good treats is her way of showing concern.

tons of things to study and I am blogging. typical.

Lastly, Why wouldn’t I love march? It reminds us of the rewards we will reap after a hard works month. It brings out the best in us, Because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger anyway.

So How does your March look like?

Have a happy and fruitful March month everyone!

lovelots ♥