I write poems too :)

Date : November 23, 2009
Dear life of the midnight sun
Laughing stalk of the endless dawn
Gasping for life, breathing in death
let this go, let us weep, till the dying in my face breathes.
I feel you tapping from my very soul
Free my spirit, free of love, free of doom
Till the dark sith steps out of this,
Sing to my soul, Free my spirit
Dear freedom you are doomed
Bute leave me hope do not subside.
Distance roam and the darkness abide
Free the soul that screams for life
See the heartache, feel the pain
Good gracious tears have fallen in my dreams
Still alive, dont long to die
Till the dawn breaks, free my gray dripped spirit.
To the twilight dawn, free the moonlit hour
Deem for freedom, long for death
The only way the Living live

Hear the stars they sing for thee,
Hear them if you please “I Want to Break free”

Ode to Christ

Title: Ode to Christ

Date: November 23,2009

Sing for love deem for life
See the stars they long for christ
Jesus our Lord who saves our race
Live for him till the dawning grace
Through the moonlit dim we see
the love that rays from heavensky
longing for almighty, deem to fly
Seek his face oH  Dear Lord Jesus Christ
Do our love keep our faith
Command this life to do your will
The truth the way the light
Deem for Our dear Lord Jesus Christ

Title: (i have no idea yet)

Date: forgotten

Trapped wanderer. In the fields of doom

Looking for a way out never seing the light.

Not knowing where to go and who to call

Hearing a faint cry from afar, hoping it is help to come.

You suffered in pain, got lost in agony.

Prying the walls thin with your cries to heaven.

In the valley of death you fell astray

With anguish in your heart, compounded with distrust and doubt.

No hesitations were required. But own a glass full

With distrust in the lord your suffering prolonged

Oh you who have little faith! Should not question

Should not weep should not have endured

But he who cant help but run to his child

He who cant help but forgive and love again

He who cant suffer more than seeing a child fall

You are saved oh you who have little faith

Like a sheep lost astray

A sheep held tighly to his chest

A sheep whom he weeps over with love and gratitude

Oh happy is the heart held close to his.

Unaware of this gracious saviour

A blurry face in the dark

A faint cry from afar

He has come to save you from anguish

Rejoice you thirsty drifter.you are saved as you are loved

Only god saves. You see him run to you holding you tightly in his arms

lifting your face and wiping your tears. “child, I love you always. ”

Date: May 13,2010
Pain in my soul,Tears in my eyes
a hole in my heart, I’m dying inside
I’ll  live through tomorrow if i make it today
Dying from the sins caused by the cliche
Dying from the pain felt from the cries
The truth i know, I’m dying inside.
I will learn, I will live
so truth be told what hope can bring.
Though one thing is here and in my heart

im dying inside and im falling apart.