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a MARCH to begin

Hello march! And I feel you now summer.

But first things first. March. before summer.

The month’s name itself signifies a trudge we are about to face as the school year ends. We will soon be able to say Goodbye to stressful exams, kind teachers, and dear friends, who helped us get through the hellfull semester.

It may be a whole months tread some of us are too afraid to face. But weirdly enough, I am going to miss the month of March, even though we aren’t halfway through it yet. All this is going to end, that I am sure of. What I am not sure about is why do I feel like I am going to miss the stressful turn up my life has been ever since my 3rd year of College life started? I have grown fondly of my studying, learning Lots of things in one night (a.k.a. cramming), studying with the people i care about and just feeling proud of myself for getting through each tiring day.

No matter what happens, Pass or fail. I will be proud of myself for journeying through such an experience some people are even afraid of venturing into.

It feels silly to feel proud of myself though when the prefinals and finals week hasn’t arrived yet, and for this, major preparation has to be done. I am yet half ready to face those rock-bottom weeks ahead.

March will be the last month i will experience all this. Therefore it makes sense to say I feel the summer fast approaching

Daffodils are the emblem of the month March

Just like a yellow daffodil, March represents the awaiting of something beautiful coming. Something to look forward to. And i know at least some people will agree with me then when I speak of summer, we think yellow.

What captures the spirit of march is the feeling that a newness will come, no matter what it is, Freedom, happiness, friends, beach, love, whatever the word for it is, It will be something beautiful. Something that we’ve been waiting for but not knowing we’ve been searching for it all along. What makes it beautiful even more is knowing that before that bliss will come along, we will go through a series of obstacles, events that will test our worthiness in achieving euphoria. Ending the month won’t be easy, I never said it would even be. But before we end this month, We begin the March, with a sense of hope and inspiration to carry us along the pot of gold that is waiting in our journey through the rain before the rainbow.

There's a Rainbow always after the Rain

Some of you might wonder why I praise the third month so much. Why wouldn’t I?

March showed me a good weather as I opened My eyes this morning. Not too sunny nor rainy.

Atis tree, bears sweet fruit.

A view from our front door

I don't know what this is called. My mom's creation.

Mama cooks the best meals when she feels like we’re too much stressed out and we need some good food to fill our tired tummies. She feels sorry for us, preparing good treats is her way of showing concern.

tons of things to study and I am blogging. typical.

Lastly, Why wouldn’t I love march? It reminds us of the rewards we will reap after a hard works month. It brings out the best in us, Because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger anyway.

So How does your March look like?

Have a happy and fruitful March month everyone!

lovelots ♥



Earthquake 101

How would you feel if you are sure in the next few minutes you could die?

How would you think when the thought of dying is clearly possible?

How would you react when death stares at you right in front of your eyes.

That’s how i felt at 11:49 am earlier this morning.

I can feel my heart beating out of my chest.

I can feel myself holding my breath.

I can feel my forehead wrinkle with the confusion of what was going on.

I can see the questioning look in my classmates faces.

I can see the worry in my professor’s eyes as he told us to “relax”

I can sense the tension growing in the room as everyone was ready to make a run.

At the start of the day, I had a really bad feeling. I wasn’t able to study for our Physiology long exam and what more, I found out we were having a graded oral recitation which I totally had no idea about.

I woke up this morning sent away with a dream of me talking to a nun. I remember waking up, thinking of not going to school just coz i don’t feel like it.

Everything turned out to be ordinary when I arrived in school. Construction workers noisily drilling and hammering at the first floor of our building, classmates fussing about the examinations to come. A normal school day in Velez college.

Now, I always doubted the “end of the world” theory, but concluded to myself it wasn’t real. Not until after I came back from lunch, and our professor start the discussion did I welcome the idea of “death” and “end of the world”. It was an exaggerated thought I know. But the experience itself, the earthquake which lasted for about 15 to 20 long seconds with a magnitude of 6.8 did I think to myself, “This is it, anything could happen.” I was waiting for the ceiling to come crashing down on us, or waiting for the building to collapse or so. If it was other buildings, i would be more calm and collected.  But this is VELEZ COLLEGE, where everything is antique and at least 50 years old.

When the shaking started, i thought to myself, it must be the construction workers vigorously hammering downstairs, or maybe they drilled too much that the building became unstable. I thought it was nothing big. I didn’t realize anything at all until i saw my classmates questioning faces, and one uttered the word “earthquake”. The shaking lasted for long seconds, and at that moment, I thought it wouldn’t stop.

We waited for it to stop, I know we wanted to run the moment we realized what was happening. What was stopping us was our professor “relax lang, relax lang.” Some of us got really worried, I for one, at that moment, was waiting for something to crash on me or something like that. My heart was beating so loud and I could feel my brain shaking inside my skull. Still, our teacher said “relax, relax.” We all followed, kept silent, Long seconds of earthquake. Then the thought hit me, Something bad could happen to us any minute. “But, I cant die without my mama with me, i can’t die without her.” She was the first person that came into my head when the thought of death hit me. So I prayed. That we be all safe.

At that moment, it’s a strange thing to say that I no longer fear what could happen next, whether it be bad or good, I welcomed it, which made me feel content. I know at that moment, God was working.

When your life or the life of someone you love is on the line, that’s when you start to learn about yourself.

That’s when you start to know your priorities. That’s when you start to make an impromptu plan for the next few minutes, hours, weeks  and years to come.

That’s when you promise to yourself to never let life pass you by. That’s when you promise yourself to never take anything at all for granted.

For no one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.

After that incident, we left the classroom, stayed outside for a while and talked about what just happened, surprisingly confident in knowing no one was hurt.

On my way home, I secretly thought to myself, “How wonderful would it be if the PT building collapsed after we left. No Classes!” 🙂

Just what i needed.

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hardwork”

In my junior year of college, I was hanging on a thin thread. my grades were horrible, i barely have enough sleep, i dont remember anything that i study.

I had started college feeling a hundred percent sure, this would be my era, that i would breeze through the exams and hardships, and that i would get the one hundred percent confidence to keep me going. For the nth time since third year, i am doubting myself.

All i wanted more than ever was the title PTRP after my name, but my future seems like but  a blur, all im seeing now is failure.

3rd year first sem: the battles we had to face were against gross anatomy and neuroanatomy, which were both very intimidating and as hard as playing a guitar without strings. impossibly hard. All my classmates were on head over heels as worried as me of course, but unlike them, im just not that smart, nor dedicated or motivated. some of my grades went like 20 over 40,55 over 100, to name a few failures.

it wasnt until finals did i get shook up by the reality that i might GET DELAYED FOR ONE WHOLE FREAKING YEAR. which was scary. scary enough for someone whose dream is to graduate as soon as possible and earn for the family, and to save money to travel the world. (my uber dream)

So then and there, i swore to myself, i would never give up, i will do whatever it takes to pass, at least the final and pre final exam, i looked and took every source i could get, two very similar books and my past testpapapers, willing to give one whole day of studying for gross anatomy. Half a day for neuroanatomy, depite the other subjects I should have also studied.

Chanting to myself, every minute i’m conscious “cannot afford to fail, i just can’t afford to fail”

I then realize, It really was a hard battle. i had to fight against time, temptation and laziness.

Sembreak came, everyone was worried about the results of course. And it was that one day when i was procrastinating in front of the computer did our secretary text me that i PASSED gross anatomy and neuroanatomy, i literally jumped infront of my brother and hugged my momma at that moment of pure and utter happiness.Nothing ever felt much more rewarding. than knowing my hard dawns of studying paid off. Inever was sure that the motivation i had was enough for me to do my best. but i guess all my sleepless nights and wading of the tempatation to play tetris battle did pay off.

Now its the second semester and i have even bigger giants to face.Realizing that gross and neuro was just a battletest for the real thing.

As we enter college, we really have no assurance of passing, or failing, it will only be decided when goodluck or badluck catches you at the right time. It will happen you if have come prepared, fully loaded with guns and ammo against whats meeting you in college. at this moment, im worried once again of the results at the end of the sem, for once again, my grades are looking awful. i feel terrible after every time i finish answering a test. But this time, i will know what to do.

I was riding a jeepney to school one day when we stopped right in front of a shopping mall. From the Mall, music  filled the entire street. One of my forgotten favorites came into play and wrapped up my entirety at that moment. The lyrics to the song went like this “Chiquitita,you and i know the sun is shining above you. Let me hear you sing once more, like you did before. sing a new song chiquitita.”

I used to sing ‘chiquitita” by the Abba when i was younger. But it was in that moment, in the jeepney did I realize and appreciate the message and significance of the song. it was just the right amount of nudge of motivation that i needed. i figured that all along, i knew just what to do. i just felt too lazy to do anything.

the song said “try once more, like you did before, sing a new song chiquitita.”

so I’ll do what the song exactly said.  TRY ONCE MORE. hello 2nd sem!




7 things i learned since i became an SPT (Student of physical therapy)

1. Thou shall not cram

Since i was in first year college, the phrase “Advance studying” was alien to me. How do we pass 1st year and 2nd year then? of course, stock knowledge! But alas! came Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy, I haven’t learned my lesson. Me and my buddy Karen use our free time in the study center above derby’s for our cramming session. It barely helped us pass. Now 2nd sem is here, and I gave advance studying a try. Not so bad, definitely I can remember things easier and it gives me plus confidence in answering the exams 🙂 Unless, if the subject is POE,  if you were in room 201 you’d get ZERO no matter how hard you studied. DUE PROCESS!!!! 😛 (only my classmates can know what this means *wink*)

2.Thou shall stock coffee in the den

For late night studying. A couple of hours wouldn’t be enough if you have to study at least 70 pages of things that are boring and hard to understand. Not dozing off is crucial in the process of late night studying. Or else, take the consequence of being utterly clueless in tomorrow’s practical or written exam.

3.Thou shall study with a partner

When i say partner, i don’t mean your lover.  You cannot just study ROM, Strengthening , Stretching, or PJM exercise by yourself, unless you want to end up doing something like a yoga gone wrong, or looking like a  bird trying to fly, or looking just plain crazy. Or worse, getting injured. so study with a partner so you wont look silly moving your limbs by yourself pretending you are your own patient. This way of studying has helped me so far, Thanks to my study buddies, Lyza, Yenyen, Fran, and Caroline.

4.Thou shall bring extra ink

With the way our classes are being scheduled, 30 minute lunch breaks per day, take it or leave it, we are bound to copy notes worth a hundred pages , so the next time you have whole day lectures, don’t ask yourself why your newly bought g-tech ballpen is already half empty. Solution: buy extra ink, or use a really cheap ballpen.

5. Thou shall use backpacks

Leave the shoulder bags and sling bags for your trips to the beach. Going to school with those will give you Levoscoliosis or Dextroscoliosis (Left sided scoliosis and Right sided scoliosis, respectively).  With multiple books as heavy as a coffin, using backpacks would be a wiser choice, it holds a lot more space and is functional when it comes to storing your heavy  books. Here’s a lame little script to show you what backpacks do:

Teacher: okay, bring you Physical rehab book by Sullivan tomorrow.

Student: ka bug.at!

Backpack: Physical rehab book, here i come! charge!!!

So see, when you have a backpack on your back, you’re a fighter :p

6. thou shall erase the writings on the board on the examination room

Observation is key. always inspect your surroundings for signs of possible sources of answers. Unless you want to get traumatized by a ZERO in your test, make sure the room is cheat-free. Always look at the blackboard! or else you’ll get blamed for not doing so.

People in room 201: i dedicate this tip to you. we’ve learned our lesson right?

7. Thou shall savor the weekends

Coz before you know it, your days of relaxation and fun are over. weekends are short if you are an SPT. Sometimes you have to study ahead, or make your assignments. So when you get long weekends or vacations, trust me, savor every moment! You will be more inspired to start and battle the school day ahead of you.


so far, I’ve done 7. more to come! 🙂