Love is true even in lies

No love is a lie
Liza, solitary schoolgirl of 16 carries her dingy bag in her pale hands. People stop and stare as she    walks by. She doesn’t understand the world, and she is confused of her own character. Her only desire is to find a world of her own where she truly would be happy, and no one would stop and stare to judge her. Guess what?, she’s found it. His name is Ian. And he is her world.
Being an orphan, her vicious aunt together with her cruel uncle was forced to bring her up. Until now, she is still treated as an outsider or would sometimes refer to her as a burden. They loathed her. Despite that, she still managed to work her way up and earn a scholarship to an elite university in the city.
She met Ian in school. They were both loners then. yet both very attractive. A lot of girls would get envy over Liza for grabbing Ian first. As a result, they would unstoppingly spread horrible rumors about her. But that won’t stop Liza’s love for Ian.
As Liza continued to be a recluse, Ian has gained a lot of friends and admirers. Though he doesn’t mind countless girls crushing on him, for he loves Liza as much as he loves him, she tends to get insecure and jealous. If that would be the case, Ian would reassure his love for Liza over and over again.
Their relationship seemed like the only beacon of light for the two young lovers. Even if they were two different world apart, their relationship is as real as their love for each other.
On a cold day in late December, they were found in a bench near the campus field as they would always be when the dismissal bell rings.
“I bet I love you more than you love me” whispered Lyza in Ian’s ear.
“Impossible. No woman’s heart is big enough to hold so much love” he said
They both know in their hearts that they will cherish shared moments forever.
The next day at the same place:
“Liza, I have a surprise…”
“What? I love surprises” she giggled
“Close your eyes..”
Liza closed her eyes with a mixture of excitement and desperation. She isn’t used to surprises.
As her eyes flickered open, she saw such a wonderful ring held by Ian right in front of her eyes. It      was the most beautiful ring she ever saw.
It was a white gold ring with a remarkable diamond on top. Best of all, it had their names engraved   in it.
“oh my god.. This is simply breathtaking. Thank you…so much!.. but why…?”
“I just want to make sure that you and I will never part. So keep this ring always with you. Keep it safe and whatever happens, know that I will always and forever love you, no matter what.”
The gentle smile and sparkling eyes of  Liza says it all.
It was on the day of January 16th; Ian was invited by his friends to go to a party with them. And being the nice guy that he is, he couldn’t say “no.”
At the party, lots of girls being unreserved, flirt! And get drunk.
So does the boys. The girls kept on tempting Ian but he kept a mental picture of Liza in his mind. He kept on brushing off girls but the evils of alcohol worked its power upon Ian. He started doing spiteful acts unconsciously and completely forgot about Liza at that moment.
Tomorrow morning in school: news about the party spread like wildfire!
Hearsays about how Ian got wild and cheated on Liza amused the many miscreants and are frowned upon by the few sympathetic characters in school.
When news reached Ian, he panicked! He asked help from his so called friends.
“what can I do? how can I explain to Liza?”
“I don’t know ‘bout that!?. .but you do know what I think?.. I think she’s a distraction dude!”
“Distraction? from what?”
“From us! From the coolest things in life. We have more fun in a day than you have with her in a week!.”
“That’s not true! I love being with her.”
“whatever you say. But if you cant deal with her, then why make it a problem? just break it off, man! You got countless girls crushing over you, why bother with her?”
Ian, still disturbed with his thought, didn’t know what to do. He kept looking for Liza in school but couldn’t find her. From the ground floor up to the 5th floor he kept looking. Realizing he could not find her, he went out for he might know where she is.
On the other hand, Liza, hearing the news cut class and went to “their place”. She’s never cried so hard her entire life. Even compared to the time when her aunt brutally punished her for accidentally dropping a porcelain plate.
“so you’ve heard?”
Lyia glanced at her back and saw Ian. She turned back.
“is that all you have to say? I didn’t even know you were going to parties”
“last night was the first. I’m sorry. I didn’t know what I was do~~..”
“I don’t need an explanation!”
“I’m really sorry. I don’t know what to say…”
“then don’t say anything!” Lyza snapped. “You are such a liar. if you loved me, you would never do anything to hurt me. Your love was a lie!…you’re a liar!!
“no it wasn’t. I really love you!. Look, I’m not a perfect person and I do stupid things that I don’t mean to do….”
“if you love a person why would you do something to hurt her? Here’s your stupid ring back! Now just leave me alone.”
Liza ran off leaving Ian Grasping the ring, standing beside the bench. He noticed a piece of paper with Lyza’s scribbling w/c read ”when your love turned to a lie, it never was true.”
It started to rain…
5 years later: Liza didn’t hear from Ian ever since she left him in the rain. She also didn’t try any means to reach him for she didn’t want to remember the feeling. But still the memory of her pain remains in her heart and in her mind. She’s never had another boyfriend since Ian. For as well the pain, the love too, remains.
She was sitting at the bench, reflecting when a voice called out to her
“Liza.!!” .It was her high school teacher and mentor. She was like a mother to Liza.
“How are you? Its been a long time since you’ve hastily decided to transfer schools before. I’ve been trying to reach you!”
“Really? why?”
“I have to tell you something, it’s about Ian..remember?”
Liza’s crooked smile turned to a frown.
“yes. what about him?”
“About a year ago, he came back and told me something about you too. And he told me before he would go, he shall…”she was cut short.
“go where?”Liza asked.
“That I don’t know. Any way he told me to give you this..It’s a bit late already but I hope it would still matter” She reached into her bag and took out a bulky piece of small paper and handed it to Liza. “Open it. I’ve been dying to know what’s inside..”
Liza opened it and there fell out her ring. On the paper was written:
“Keep this ring always with you. Keep it safe and whatever happens, know that I will always and forever love you no matter what…- Ian”
As Lyza read it, her teacher gently said, “child, I never think your love was a lie, it never was.”
Lyza replied with a tear.
20 miles from where they stand, the northern cemetery, in a tombstone, an epitaph is engraved:
“While he lived, he’d fear no other thing
So sore, as keeping safe Liza’s ring”