The only exception

What is this thing we call love? What inspires people to set on a journey into the deep abyss of flowing uncertainness? This feeling that penetrates deep into the core of each person’s heart. What joy does this word bring to the people who believe in it? Or better yet ask, does this word truly exist in reality?
This kind of feeling is one which makes us crazy. even crazier than alcohol and drugs. It’s the feeling of being out of breath when that person is not beside us.
As young as teenagers are, the word love isn’t an anonymous term. Nothing beats the feeling of tickled pain across your spine, the feeling of someone caring about you. The feeling of knowing that someone will never leave you. And that someone loves you the way you love him.
Memories are made. Sweet nothing are said. A deep relationship is formed.
My daddy’s advice “I hope you do not fall prey to cheap emotions” .it has been a wake up call. False emotions exist in this world. And people call it love. I know someone who has been a victim of cheap words. She got pregnant, her boyfriend left her. What more could she do? She believed in love. Little by little did she realize that what she and her ex-boyfriend had wasn’t called love? She did know that the true love she was looking for existed inside of her.
Now, that is love, so now I say this to all the girls out there. Do not fall prey to cheap emotions. Boys come and go, they tell you they love you, but know the true meaning of love. It is when you feel a baby’s first kick inside your tummy, It is when that person puts your happiness above his. It is when that one person struggles to stay strong amidst the weak and failing circumstances. It is when that one person never lets go, chooses to love you unconditionally, trades places with you so that he could suffer instead of you. A perfect presentation of this. A person who dies in the cross for the sins you have done. So what is love then? Jesus is love. He is true love. No one can say otherwise. We are human and we err. We say we love a person even when we don’t. Getting caught up in lustful acts doesn’t reassure a relationship of having love.
I don’t how it is to love a person intimately, it is just as well, for I pray the next time will be the last time ill ever plunge into the wide sea of love together with all the drama and challenges it may bring. I promise this to my family, to god and to everyone who cares for me. I will not fall prey to cheap emotions.