To Marry a Pianist

I would like to thank my mortal contrabida/ very good friend and intelligent classmate, Mr Donicku Ouano for sharing this link with me in the first place.

This song is entitled “A River Flows in You” composed by Yiruma, a Japanese Musician.

The first time I heard this song, it almost made me cry, It made me want to shower all my emotions deep within my core, It made me want to pour out my heart, it made me want to dream, it made me want to imagine.

It’s like I’ve heard this song a long time ago, and right now, when I finally hear it again, it’s like I’ve found the song of my life. No words can explain how this song can make one feel. Speechless, dumbfounded, Nostalgic.

Listening to this song makes me think I’m living in a reality of a dream. Its too good to be true. But its really there. Its as good as well that Yiruma does not put lyrics to his songs. The tune and melody speak for themselves. I cant help but wonder what kind of emotions Yiruma was feeling while composing this song. I am just so amazed by his talent, how he carries people with his melody.

I choose this to be the song of my life. It is simply lovely, sad, lonely, and hopeful all at the same time.

What do I envision when i hear this song?

The picture on my mind : A field of brown sky and floating white blossoms. A field of blooming red roses, a man in the center. Playing this song. Lost in the beauty of his melody.

What a wonderful alternate reality, if it could only be a reality. Sometimes I wonder how this world could be so limited fantasywise. Im just thankful for the people who write the songs that bring us to another world. A world where the craziest thoughts and dreams come to life. Where the wildest visions could happen, where you could just put your heart out there and would never get afraid of getting hurt, because you know, wherever you are,  you are safe. And that place and mindset is just a pure beatiful innocence of a wandering mind. A beautiful world which wraps up your entirety, a soothing melody to make you forget whats real for a short 3 minutes time.

must love pianists. Ahh Yiruma how I idolize you.

Don’t forget to IMAGINE.