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Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today

How many people die in one day? Every man dies in some point in time, but do you think that every man really lives?

Often times, we go through life leaving the little things unnoticed. The smell of our mother’s hair, the color of her eyes, your little brother’s favorite food perhaps? Do we really need a telescope to see the little details that God has carved into our lives? Even appreciating and making the most of these things can make us see the true wonder of life which is life itself.

We who have more than enough senses to see, hear, touch, smell and taste, take life for granted. There is more to Life than just going through it and just dying without getting to actually see the world. Most of us spend our lives as if we had another in the bank. When will we realize then that were better off being blind, deaf, mute and etc? Anyways, I don’t think it’ll change much, the way we are spending our life now. God created the world and humankind, with that, he created the 5 senses for us to truly see the beauty that God created. Use your senses; use your health, even to the point of wearing it out. That is what it is for. Spend all you have before you die. Live everyday as if it were your last…and some day you’ll be right.

Often times, I see people who just mope around doing nothing and feeling sorry for themselves. I understand that everyone may have a bitter past. But God has given us a gift, and it is called the present. I admit I have memories. And for a while, I have stopped living because of this. Until I realized, I have a big future ahead of me. I asked myself, is this the way I want to spend my life until I’m old enough to die? Yes, I have bitter memories, but only a fool stores his past in the future. Old times never come back and I know it is just as well. For what comes back is a new morning every day in the year, and that is better. Be happy while you live. Live! Don’t worry; you’ll have plenty of time to be dead.

inspired by the story “If I had three days to see” by Helen Keller


7 things i learned since i became an SPT (Student of physical therapy)

1. Thou shall not cram

Since i was in first year college, the phrase “Advance studying” was alien to me. How do we pass 1st year and 2nd year then? of course, stock knowledge! But alas! came Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy, I haven’t learned my lesson. Me and my buddy Karen use our free time in the study center above derby’s for our cramming session. It barely helped us pass. Now 2nd sem is here, and I gave advance studying a try. Not so bad, definitely I can remember things easier and it gives me plus confidence in answering the exams 🙂 Unless, if the subject is POE,  if you were in room 201 you’d get ZERO no matter how hard you studied. DUE PROCESS!!!! 😛 (only my classmates can know what this means *wink*)

2.Thou shall stock coffee in the den

For late night studying. A couple of hours wouldn’t be enough if you have to study at least 70 pages of things that are boring and hard to understand. Not dozing off is crucial in the process of late night studying. Or else, take the consequence of being utterly clueless in tomorrow’s practical or written exam.

3.Thou shall study with a partner

When i say partner, i don’t mean your lover.  You cannot just study ROM, Strengthening , Stretching, or PJM exercise by yourself, unless you want to end up doing something like a yoga gone wrong, or looking like a  bird trying to fly, or looking just plain crazy. Or worse, getting injured. so study with a partner so you wont look silly moving your limbs by yourself pretending you are your own patient. This way of studying has helped me so far, Thanks to my study buddies, Lyza, Yenyen, Fran, and Caroline.

4.Thou shall bring extra ink

With the way our classes are being scheduled, 30 minute lunch breaks per day, take it or leave it, we are bound to copy notes worth a hundred pages , so the next time you have whole day lectures, don’t ask yourself why your newly bought g-tech ballpen is already half empty. Solution: buy extra ink, or use a really cheap ballpen.

5. Thou shall use backpacks

Leave the shoulder bags and sling bags for your trips to the beach. Going to school with those will give you Levoscoliosis or Dextroscoliosis (Left sided scoliosis and Right sided scoliosis, respectively).  With multiple books as heavy as a coffin, using backpacks would be a wiser choice, it holds a lot more space and is functional when it comes to storing your heavy  books. Here’s a lame little script to show you what backpacks do:

Teacher: okay, bring you Physical rehab book by Sullivan tomorrow.

Student: ka bug.at!

Backpack: Physical rehab book, here i come! charge!!!

So see, when you have a backpack on your back, you’re a fighter :p

6. thou shall erase the writings on the board on the examination room

Observation is key. always inspect your surroundings for signs of possible sources of answers. Unless you want to get traumatized by a ZERO in your test, make sure the room is cheat-free. Always look at the blackboard! or else you’ll get blamed for not doing so.

People in room 201: i dedicate this tip to you. we’ve learned our lesson right?

7. Thou shall savor the weekends

Coz before you know it, your days of relaxation and fun are over. weekends are short if you are an SPT. Sometimes you have to study ahead, or make your assignments. So when you get long weekends or vacations, trust me, savor every moment! You will be more inspired to start and battle the school day ahead of you.


so far, I’ve done 7. more to come! 🙂