lend me your eyes, I can change what you see.

Three Days

If you are  a fond reader of this blog, it would be public knowledge that I,  Allyza Kim *** dream of going to Paris.

I am actually saving up for it. So far I’ve got 100 Php.

In my dreams I have seen Paris twice. But that is never enough, is it?

Recently, I have read Helen Keller’s essay “If I had three days to see” and she so profoundly describe what she would do if she had three days of sight.

In my own version, I would describe the things I would do, if I had three days to see Paris.

1st day:

Breakfast at  the Terrace of Le Dôme. A freshly brewed coffee, a baguette tartine, jam and three  delicious mini pastries: croissant, pain au chocolat and pain au raison to start my busy day.

108 boulevard du Montparnasse, 75014

Visit the Musee du Louvre and stare at Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa for a considerable period of time

Step outside and stare at the Pyramid de Louvre for at least an hour

Louvre Pyramid

Walk to the side and sit by the river Seine which is in view of the Eiffel and watch people pass by.

Visit a fountain, throw a peso coin and make a wish.

Find a baker and a local bakeshop to teach me how to bake croissants.
Buy a rose

Bring that rose to dinner in Chez Marie

2nd day:

Ladurée-Champs-Elysées, a tea salon, for a sit-down continental breakfast.

located at 75, avenue des Champs-Elysées

Visit the Louvre for the second time and stare at Monet

Go shopping in  Louvre – Tuileiries and Faubourg Saint –  Honore

Louis Vuitton Paris

Buy me a good book in vintage boutique/ bookstore

Drink coffee and read by a bench beside the Eiffel

Maybe meet a local gentleman with killer french accent.

Watch a play on the Palais Garnier (or simply the Paris Opera)

Paris Opera

3rd day:

Tour around the city of Paris in a Beetle.

Learn French history

Arc de triomphe Paris – commissioned in 1806 after the victory at Austerlitz by Emperor Napoleon

Cathedrale- Notre Dame de Paris – Fact: there never was a real hunchback.

Take a walk on the Montmartre at sundown


Stare at the Eiffel at night and whisper to myself  “Je t’aime, Au revoir


Eiffel at night

DISCLAIMER: Photos provided by google


For the Lava Dance

A life of a Physical Therapy student in one of the most prestigious medical schools in the Philippines is not easy. period.

So after a tiring three straight days exam, a stress buster is just what the doctor ordered.

After a scrumptious delight in one of our favorite desert spots (FUDGE) me and the girls decided to watch a (and may I say a really hot) Movie.


Mind you, the storyline wasnt so impressive, in fact it was immaturely progressed as we go along the movie, according to my friend Cherryl, it was unrealistic. Even the characters didnt know much how to act.

But this isnt about the acting is it?

The perks:

The moves were INCREDIBLE, JAW DROPPING, AWEMAZING, STUNNING, ADRENALINE RUSHING (that didnt sound right, but let’s go along with it.).

One of a kind.

The best step up dance moves yet.

Nice plot. (since flash mobs have become popular these days)

Hot dancers (especially Ryan Guzman- the lead actor)

Hot Dance moves (Talk about dirty dancing)

Need I say more?

I’ll say more anyway:

Miami, the heat, the hips, the people, the scene, the rebelliousness.

It was an adrenaline ride.

It was the perfect day to relax and let loose, the movie itself helped us achieve that.

We were left in awe of everything that happened inside the cinema. We wanted to flash mob in the center of all people lining up next to watch the movie, right there and then.

THE CAST: Chen, Tish, Geggy, Me 🙂

Jeepney ride home

There are jeepneys everywhere. They go in different directions and routes.

When put in a situation of choosing, which route will you take?

The one that gives you fun and leisure, or the one that takes you home?

From the place where we stand in that little corner of the street, Jeepneys drive by as we are to choose our destination.

Where do you want to go?

For the past few years, I have been on my own battling the crowded streets. From school, I look at people choosing their next paths. Some say “lets go have fun” or some  “I don’t want to go home”

It got me wondering, Have I been right to choose to say “Go ahead, I’m going home”

Riding a o4c jeep to the University of San Carlos Main Campus, 10F going to Basak, 44A going to Camella and a tricycle going straight to our house.

It seems a long way from home, blending in the busy rhythm of busy streets and rush hours.

As I arrive, I realize my one worthy destination: Home.

Nothing can compare to a warm love a family.

A mother who provides love and utmost comfort. A brother who offers a ready support and strength. When a family is together, there is nothing more complete than that.

We may make wrong turns or make wrong decisions to take wrong destinations, but we can always choose to ride our way back.

So when given a chance, choose where your heart wants to go. Choose what your heart holds most important.

Take the long jeepney ride home.



Solo Stranger in KL

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 1:30 am on May 8.


To say preparation is key when traveling is an understatement. It’s a good thing Kuya bought me 100 Malaysian Ringgit for the few hours I will be staying in Kuala Lumpur for a meal and a sim card were the must haves I got right when I arrived.

I have this reservation at Tune Hotel but I didn’t know where it was or how far it was from the airport, and I don’t dare ride a taxi or anything for that matter. So with booties on my feet and a pepper spray in my hand, I ventured out to find this hotel. Good enough, as I rounded the street away from LCCT, Lo and Behold! there shining in red lights were the letters “Tune Hotel” it might as well been read as “Haven”. After a long 5 hour flight, all I wanted to do was fall in a deep slumber.

The Bellman was strangely inquisitive. And that was more than enough for my paranoia to rule me. I instinctively pushed the heavy side table against the door and backed it  up by pushing the  bed next to it. I changed into my comfy jammies,  informed kuya and daddy of my safety, prayed and talked to mama right before I fell asleep.

The next morning I left my things in the hotel and watched a good view from the hotel corridors.

Clean and Green KL

KL street to LCCT

The next morning I left my things in the hotel, went out to get some breakfast and this restaurant “Taste of Asia” located just outside the LCCT airport looked most inviting. I ordered the very well known Malaysian Specialty “Nasi Lemak” for 9.oo RM which is probably equivalent to Php 117.oo

Rice, egg, raw cucumber, peanuts, spicy sauce,spicy dried fish and spicy chicken in spicy sauce.


I toured the terminal for a while, checked out my things, toured again, all before I boarded the Plane going to Kolkata, India.

Born with a Superhero

Meet My Big brother, Mr. Jowell G. Silverio

What is a brother’s place in a family?

“A brother shares the most precious childhood memories and share your grown up dreams”

“They have been there from the dawn of the most inevitable stories.”

Either a little brother or a big brother, siblings may have huge differences but to a little sister, a big brother is her protector, and a knight in shining Nike sweater jacket.

A brother is not just somebody who is close to you, not just a key to your past.
A brother is a best friend

Me and my kuya are  brother and sister by love and blood. Born from the same womb of  our beloved mother.

My kuya (big brother) is Strong, when I am Weak. He takes the front seat when I am too scared. He pushes me to fight my fears and reach my full potential. He pushes me over the edge to see more of what I am capable of.

My kuya  dances annoyingly when he is happy and laughs unstoppably when I’m the funny one.

At times when I thought I was alone, a real friend he was all along. Offering smiles when I knew at those times he too was hurt.

Coping with my mother’s death was not easy and that was the time we both knew the best thing to do was to stick together through the agony of our loss.

All along he has been a shade from the dark days that would attempt to spread a blanket of sadness over me.

In my eyes, He was the strongest, smartest and wisest person I know. In my eyes, as if he couldn’t do anything wrong.

Ever since a little girl, I knew I was already born with a best friend slash superhero. Anything I ever wanted and needed my kuya would give, as if spoiling an already spoiled little girl wasn’t enough.

My kuya, just like my mama, protected me from any harm’s way. Making sure I still do live comfortably achieving the full capability of my childhood fun and frolic.

He is the brother whom I am very proud of. I remember as a little girl that I would tell my friends I had the best Kuya in the world. That he is like my second father. I remember telling my friends in gradeschool that my kuya gave me this, my kuya gifted me that. I remember bragging to my friends in Highschool that my kuya graduated his second degree being which is Bachelor of Laws. I remember telling my college friends that he is the most resourceful person I know, I have gadgets and things for that matter that I can only have access to just because kuya does his research  of what is best. I remember telling my friends now how my kuya is the kindest person I ever know and how he remains strong for the both of us following our aching loss.

The one thing that may be the best thing amongst the sea of goodness in him, is that he lets me enjoy life to the fullest at the same time still looking out on how I grow to become a kind person.

He, besides my mother, encourages me to try new things, conquer my fear and according to his motto, “Carpe Diem!”(Seize the day)

I can say that family-wise, I am very blessed by God, and I choose to be blessed so much in no other way. My family is my treasure and my home. No matter how far I go in life, I will always go back to them. Big dreams and accomplishments mean so much more with a supportive team of handsome kuya and beautiful mama backing you up every step of the way.

Me and my brother miss our mama so much but we both agreed we have no regrets. We love our mama to the fullest, She lived a life being proud of her two little offsprings knowing she is dearly and superbly loved by my brother and me.

We may not realize it earlier, but the most precious persons you can have in your life is your family.

Every minute of solitary thinking led me to the conclusion that we should never ever ever take anything for granted.

For we will only know the value of a moment, when it all becomes but a memory.

Never take family for granted. Do not be blinded of whats in front of you.

Love your Parents, Brothers, and Sisters as if you know that soon, you may be missing just their mere touch and smiles.


I don’t know why I feel sweaty and dirty even if I just took a bath yesterday. Must be the heat.

Well its summer now in the Philippines and although I have looked froward to this event ever since 3rd year of college started, all my looking forwards went down the drain. I just don’t know how to be happy spending a school free summer with my mama gone, when all the plans I had practically included her in it.

What I would’ve done for summer if my mama was still here:

1. Have a massage together

2. Clean and paint each other nails

3. Dye and cut my hair

4. Sew a pillow together

5. Watch countless movies all summer

6. Talk about the books we’ve read

7. Go to beaches

8. Play Bingo with her

9. Play cards with her

10. Take out her white hair

11.Make anything out of paper machet

12. Eat out together

When summer was the guaranteed time I would get to spend more time with her, since for ten months, school has been eating up my life, She said goodbye even before my free time can start.

For the first few days of summer, I didn’t know what to do the first thing  I woke up. I had to literally trick myself into getting out of bed amidst the challenge of it.

In my bed I would tell myself :

1. Lift your head

2. Lift your trunk

3. Pull yourself up

4. Don’t lie back down

Or another alternative is to tell myself:

1. They won’t have something to eat if you dont get up.

2. You can read a book today.

3. Friends are coming, who’s going to entertain them?

4. Mama needs you to pray for her today, get up.

So obviously, I miss my mama. Why couldn’t she wait at least until summer was over? well I can’t really decide for her fate. That’s not my job. And I couldn’t complain either. His will be done.

Well one thing I look forward to this summer is that I get to go to India to see my father again.  Will be posting about the Wonderful country soon 🙂

Have a happy summer 🙂

(I’m sorry if ever my post brought you down)

Her Love in my Life

This next Post will be about the person who is the cause of my bliss for 20 years and the cause of my pain for 15 days.


She is my hero.  Now she is my angel.

Taught me everything about life, from the simple ABC’s, to spelling out my name, to sewing, cooking, putting on make up,smiling and laughing.

She always told me to make my own and never follow the norm. She taught me how to love books, which opened up a wide world to me, then we would both share knowledge in stories. Her tough but unconditional love made me content with everything I have and made me dream bigger for she told me the world is my playground and I have numerous possibilities.

All along through all these things she taught me how to love myself and love life.

“Life is hard. But life goes on.” She used to say. She trained me to become unlike any other girl my age. She made me climb our roof to clean dry leaves and chop overgrown trees, she taught me at a young age  how to cook various but limited number of dishes. She taught me how to properly take out stubborn stains out of white clothes. I sweat much for we both cleaned the house  inside out.

She used to expect much from me but then later on settled to the mediocrity I am only able to give. Knowing my limited mind, she would patiently read out questions out of my lessons as if she were a game show host, and I the contestant, would answer eagerly knowing this would help me pass my hard exams.

Amidst all my imperfections as a daughter, She loved me with all her heart and wanted me to reach my full potential as a lady.

It is seen in the way she takes care of me. Going home would be like going home to a salon. Wherein, mama would clean and paint my nails, dye and cut my hair, and even bleach my skin. It was the ultimate mother-daughter bond any girl could ask for.

Its easy to have a mother whom you are so open with, whom you can just randomly hug and kiss anytime of the day, whom you talk with about anything before you go to sleep every night, whom you tickle and giggle with, and just openly appreciate every little detail of a mother’s love.

When the inevitable comes, you can’t help but think that death is real. People you love are taken away, they say everything has a reason, were not meant to know it I guess. Sometimes you get your last chance with them without even knowing it, never having  to say goodbye.  Sometimes there are no next times, sometimes you lose someone and you feel like your heart has melted into a hard rock. And sometimes there is just nothing you can do to make things better, or make the pain go away.

I start to question why this happened and I ask an imaginary listener, “why?” and “just why?”

All along I just never realized it. Everything I did was for her, I strived in school for her, I had big dreams for her. I wanted to bring her to places with me and make her happy and proud of me.

I could not even imagine facing the things she would miss in my life:  my graduation, my first job, my first salary, which was reserved for her, my travels and adventures which I planned for our family, my wedding, my first child who would’ve called her “Lola” (grandmother). It just aches to know she won’t have those experiences with me, or worse, I won’t have those experiences with my mother.

All there is left to say as a witness to her life is just her beauty is timeless.

Her love is unconditional, unwarranting.

Describing her life is like describing each pixel of the rainbow.

She’s an adventure.

Her smile, her warm embrace, keeps replaying in my mind as if I’ve touched and seen her just yesterday.

Somehow I just try to find strength in my memories with her.

Surely no one can replace the best in the world.

I love you so much MA ♥

-I’ll always be your little girl 🙂



Your smile meant the world to me

Your voice,I wanted it to last

Everything about you is priceless and precious

You’re the best anyone could ever ask.

The smell of freshly cooked meals

In the morning, noon and night

Waiting for tired children

Cheering up for smiles.

Your love is tough, without condition and everlasting

Your touch to us, is magic

Your untiring body,working

As if a billion were at stake

Mama, we love you, and we care

We’ll never forget you

You are with us everywhere

Be at peace as you wait

Wait for us to follow

The path God chose you to take

Smile from up above

And guide us in every single way.


I Don’t know why I love books.


There’s a good feeling about getting your hands on a book, reading it and finishing it. Because of course, Reading is a way to escape the boring routines and diverge yourself once in a while to the lives of another, to diverge your mind in an authors making. To open your mind to a new world

Here are some things that you might relate to If you are a such a booklover/bookworm such as me.

1. You feel rich when you get inside a bookstore. Surrounded with books you browse through each one as if you own them all.

2. When you get your hands on a book, you feel its power rush through you like an electricity waiting to power up the imagination

3. That giddy and little excited kid feeling when you just bought a new book

4. Your idea of a break is an iced coffee, a comfy couch and a good long book

5. Your favorite shop is Power Books, Fully Booked and National Bookstore

6. You have a booklist awaiting to bought and read

7. You can spend one whole day in a bookstore just browsing on the Young adults section

8. You smell the pages of both new and antique books.

9. You write you’re favorite quotes down from the books you’ve read

10.You take care of your books like they’re little fragile babies

11. You tried atleast once finishing  a book in one day

12. You try to imitate the lead character in the book or try to relate yourself to him or her

13. You write a blog about the book you just read.


She’s a hundred different things


She played with me

She fed me

She taught me how to play blocks and read my first ABC’s

She taught me how to feed a puppy

She taught me how to eat an orange

She taught me how to brush my teeth and make short stories

She taught me how to add 1 and 1

She scolded me when I’d stumble down

She takes thousands of pictures

She taught me how to wipe my face after a messy encounter with chocolate

She taught me how to take care of bullies

She taught me how to dance and sing

She taught me how to grow up


She taught me to think 1000 times before I make a decision

She taught me to never give up on my dreams

She taught me to do my best in possibly everything

She taught me how to look and dress good

She taught me how to always find what I’m looking for

She taught me how to dream big

She cleans my nails and cooks for me

She makes me coffee at dawn

She hugs me tightly when I’m in pain

She taught me to get right up after a fall

She taught me how to love God like she does

She taught me how to love. period.


She is in every tear that I shed

She is in every sound of laughter that leaves my breath

She is every color in the rainbow

She is compassion, understanding,  and hope

She is in everything that I feel

She is the force that drives through me

She is in every beauty

She is life’s most wonderful masterpiece

She is my home

She is my one and only

Me and Mama