About the author

My name is Allyza Kim *** and i am the writer of [akimynation]

Writing has been my passion since i was in second year highschool.

I haven’t discovered my talent until i wrote an essay for class one day and my English teacher liked it very much that she let me read the whole essay in front of class. Much more than that, she recommended me to the adviser of our official school publication as an inexperienced writer who has no clue at all . Ever since then,Ive discovered that other than reading, writing is my passion.

I am currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Which is a really difficult course to take when you want to write during your free time. I am an aspiring doctor. but who said doctors cant write, right?

In my experience as an amateur writer, I can say that writing is one of the most rewarding hobbies,or profession. Fulfillment cannot be found in the material possessions that we collect, the beauty we can muster, the knowledge we gain from the books, or even just the lazy days of going out and having a good time, but true fulfillment comes from your own creation. From your own mind, from your own heart. Speaking to people through your works and giving away a piece of yourself for others to discover.

Writing, for me is like magic. Look at your heart as if it is filled withΒ  twinkling little stars. And for everytime you write, you give away a star. A little piece of that magic in you.

Keep the magic burning. write to live. live to write