by Akim

3r casual

This is for you mama. All my successes are yours too. For everything you did for us, Every sacrifice and hard work, not just that but even the little things too.

Because “Thank you” won’t be enough.

Because  whenever I would say thank you for all the things you do, You would only say : “Why do you say “Thank you” ,You will only understand what I’m doing when you understand unconditional love.

And no matter how many letters to you I’ve posted in this blog, I pray and hope that God is kind enough to deliver these to you. Because I just sincerely want you to know how much I miss you and how much I want you here with me , because I want to share every success with you.

Because in the end, it does not matter how high I may achieve. But what matters is to whom I share them with.

And no matter how much it hurts I have no choice but to stay strong until we meet again, In God’s perfect time.