The End of Something New

by Akim

It has been a long and winding journey to get to where I am now, not to mention the mental and emotional hurdles along the way. Of all aspects, the heart and mind do go together. For when one is penetrated, the other goes down with it. Surviving the tackles wasn’t easy.

But here I am, finally an intern on a pedestal on her 1st rotation of duty, in her 1st hospital, with unfamiliar faces to be met, and with not a hint of idea what she’s doing here in the first place.

If you can imagine how the ugly duckling felt when she thought she was born in a family of beautiful birds, such was the feeling I felt when I first laid eyes on this institution. It was unfamiliar, unfriendly, and its facade emanated an aura of unmercifulness (is that even a word?). Nonetheless, I continued on what is expected of us new PT interns, rigidly and apprehensively, I tried to do what is asked, I observed, performed, and succeeded. And before I knew it, the manner of working became an everyday routine.

Just one thing stood out from that 2 month day by day routine. Remember when I mentioned unfamiliar faces? They became, the most friendly people Ive ever met. We went out for random lunches and dinners, a couple of night outs, and probably an adventure trail here and there. Whatever the plan, the main thing is to include everyone. That’s what I love about this group of people. No discrimination, no one is left out, and everyone is family.

I would also have to mention the almost endless supply of food and delicacies we devour upon. As well as the occasional insanity strike we conjure when nobody’s watching. The out of breath laughters when someone commits an epic blooper,when someone says something funny,or just plain  embarrassing oneself. Like I said, family.

The 2 months of togetherness ended so fast. Some cried, some promised to keep in touch, but some, we know we might not ever see again.
I don’t know whether to be happy because I’m finally moving on to another beginning, or sad, because I will be leaving the people I’ve grown to know,care, and love.

This is the bittersweet story of the end of a new beginning. It just ended so fast 😥

A consolation though, is looking forward to more new beginnings, more meeting future colleagues, and just plain experiencing new things yet to come.

I will definitely miss these guys.
Goodluck on our ongoing rollercoaster journey!

2 months down, 8 more to go!


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