Not Just an Ordinary Tower

by Akim

In the year 1889,Gustave Eiffel erected what will soon be the most iconic landmark in the world known to man. Located in Paris,France, a city of rich history and beauty, the Eiffel tower remains to be my beacon of hope in this almost hopeless world.

When I was young, me and my mother watched Mr.Bean’s vacation in Paris. We bought a dvd titled A good year,and we rented a movie called Only you. Ever since then, the dream started. I wanted to see the tower with my very eyes.

Its not just any ordinary man- made famous landmark. It stands tall & strong amidst the cold and changing weather, it surpassed so many changes. It remained still and same for 124 years. It is undeniable, that not only it, but its city as well is a lost nostalgic memory of a supposed  alternate dream reality.

If I could stand infront of it, I know I can’t help but get teary-eyed. One might think it superficial, but there’s actually a story behind, a story of wanting, a story of losing, and a story of surviving.

From my rebel days, to the aching loss of my mother, to my distant father, to my only brother, to my failed dreams, to my enemies and bullies, to this incessant feeling of being poor, I just know there’s more to life than this. And I just know, seeing that tower with my very eyes would not only symbolize how far Ive come, how Ive surpassed all the challenges, but of also how I came through strong and standing tall amidst the hard rocks thrown at a young innocent girl. How I fought back, and proved to life that no matter how hard it becomes, I will always fight back. Because I too, deserve to be happy. I just know, one day, I can prove it all.

Hardships can break people, But it too, can build character.