Asia’s World City – HK

by Akim

I’m making this blog post not to brag or anything, anyway there is nothing to brag since lots of people have already been to Hongkong and had experienced its wondrous offers.

There is a saying that when you keep a journal, the journal keeps you as well, and I am hoping this blogpost will be the start of the many travels I wish to do (Cross fingers), which I will be reading until I grow old.

I was awoken by my kuya one midnight in June, thus it felt like a dream and what he said was  a blur “kikay, naka book ko ug promo sa Hongkong larga ta inig October (Kikay, I booked a promo for Hongkong, we’ll go on October )”

That morning I asked kuya if it was true and he said yes, I had yet 4 months to wait for the trip.

Sembreak came and it was time to pack. I did not have any news about my grades yet or if I passed but it was hard to worry when you’re already on your way to vacation.

Day 1

We arrived in Hongkong and it was already night time. We were tired and I was wearing booties but still the last thing I wanted to do was rest. We were greeted by sparkling city lights and beaming signs from everywhere. I felt excited. When I first saw big buildings and big lights all I could think of was that I am in a movie. It was unreal for me at that time. When we reached our Pension house by a Double Decker bus, We look for the place we would stay, which took us a while, since all that we had fora guide are the signs. Fortunately, Hongkong is a very tourist friendly place since there were signs everywhere . After we rested for a couple of minutes we then went out to explore and to get lost in the city!

Hongkong Double Decker buses

We were looking for a place to eat and we saw one while going up an endless building (it was very tall) the name was cafe de coral and we ordered this, I don’t know what’s this called:

That night we were looking for the clock tower and the avenue of stars, instead we got mixed up in this crowded place full of street food and inviting restaurants. If only we’d gotten lost sooner we would be able to eat dinner there, but we swore we would come back there again. We never did get to The avenue but we did explore that part of town. Later did we found out we were in Carnarvon road, walking to Cameron road then going back to our place at Humphrey’s Avenue. Again, I felt like I was walking in an old chinese slash mafia kind of movie everything was just  so new. Ironic.

Carnarvon road

Tsim Sha Tsui

Day 2

This day was allotted for Ocean park!!! Im so excited I feel like a little kid again.

We got up at 7 am only to find out that the queue for the theme park starts at 10. So we explored another part of the city which I forgot the name and we went in the Queensway plaza.  There I found lined up are A-list shops which I have never seen up close before.  Call me lame, but we don’t have something like this where I’m from.

This is it! It was almost 10 and were already buying our tickets. As luck would have chosen it, it rained, but that did not bring our spirits down, we kept dry by all these free newspapers they kept handing us in the streets.

Ocean park provides a map of the very big Theme park they provide. And as we’re so deadset on getting back our money’s worth, We checked every little part of the map that we’ve been to and made sure we left no stones unturned. From 10 to 8 that day all we did was walk, ride, walk and walk. My legs felt like rubber that day and I swear I could feel my femur rubbing against my Tibial condyles.

Meanwhile Kuya was having the time of his life this ride called FLASH. Its shown in the video below wherein you’re being thrown up in the air and suspended for a couple of seconds. It’s really scary that I didn’t dare try it because of my vertigo.

The day wasn’t over yet.

At night we went to Victoria Harbour, Avenue of the stars, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and HongKong museum, which is basically all in one place. Kuya and I finally bought an Octopus card. An Octopus card is like a debit card in HongKong wherein you buy credits and you can use this card for bus fares, shops, some restaurants, 7-eleven and the likes. We didnt have to buy single journey tickets to every place we go.

Octopus card

Victoria Harbour – Symphony of lights

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Day 3

I have to mention that this was the best part of my vacation. Finally it sank that I am not in the Philippines anymore. Being in Macau made me feel like I was in Europe. Not only did the Venetian did this but also some other tourist attractions. Also, I get to experience the feel of old Hongkong. With street vendors at the sides, The streets near the Ruins of St.Paul reminded me of the movie Kung Fu Panda.

When we first stepped foot in Macau we didn’t know how to get to our destination, we just took some brochures of these hotels and these told us which free shuttle bus we could ride. The Venetian was our destination but we couldn’t find their bus. So we went with the bus nearest to this hotel, which was the galaxy hotel. Inside, there was this amazing show of a huge chandelier and fountain

The Crystal Fountain

Next stop, The Venetian. We walked from the galaxy hotel to the Venetian. Taipa Island, The place where we were was very cold and windy. The streets were clean and quiet. Seldom can you see cars or people. At that time, Kuya and I were the only people I could see walking their streets.

The Galaxy

Eating chinese food in Italy. :p

For lunch, their foodcourt was full of lined up restaurants with chinese, italian and indian cuisines.

After toruing the venetian, we then went back to Macau ferry terminal then took a shuttle to the Grand Lisboa where we would walk to the ruins of St.Paul.

Square of Senate

With a map in hand, we battled the busy streets leading to the ruins. on our way, we found this yummy must try Portuguese egg tarts!

Portuguese egg tarts

The ruins of St. Paul

Heading Back – Macau at night

At night we went to Jordan, Kuya heard that their Temple street is the place to be at night. We arrived there with a good kind of chaos greeting us. There were Shops and crowded people in small streets everywhere, the lights where shining as ever.

Temple Street Night Market

Day 4

The world famous Disneyland awaits us today.  It’s full of fun places and just like we did at the ocean Park,we went to every single place and rode every fun ride.  It was a happy place,enough said, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

It’s a small world

Lion King Festival

Main Street avenue USA

Dinner: Baked Beef Brisket Curry with Rice at the Aberdeen Mong Kok

After Disneyland, we took the MTR to check out Mong Kok where they are well known for their computer centers and the ladies market.

This is the type of place that slaps you in the face and says “Hey, you’re really in Hongkong!”

Mong Kok Street lights

Mong Kok Ladies Market. This is essential since HK residents’ favorite past time is shopping.

Day 5

Today we say Au revoir to Hong Kong. I didn’t want to go home yet 😦

but oh well at least we had our last hours tripping through the cities. First we went to Wan Chai where Kuya was looking for his obsession, este, I mean gadgets. hehe

He didnt find anything so we just had our breakfast

Baked Porkchop in tomato sauce with rice – it is to die for. seriously.

We went back to Mong kok where Kuya found his true love

Samsung Galaxy SIII – Congrats Kikoy!!

Here is a short Video montage I made of our trip. Hope you enjoy!

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