by Akim

I haven’t been wasting away for 1 week as many people would’ve done if they have lost a loved one. This one of the two week break is the time I get to take a chill from school and just rest the day away, well, of course I cry from time to time thinking what I would have done if mama were here, If you want to know what those things are please refer to previous blog posts.
No, I have been sleeping, eating, reading, cleaning, cooking, series marathoning, and all other -ings- you could do when you’re housebound. I know this may all sound dull, but don’t knack it till you’ve tried it.


I have finished the Harry Potter Books Series. Yes, all of them and now moving on to reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower.

I  have so many times emphasized in this blog how much fun it is to read. How full it feels to feed the hungry imagination of a dull mind.
How books are the next best way to travel. I have so many classmates venturing into the unkown world of stories that await this semester break and I advice this to anybody who doesn’t have anything better to do.




2. Food

A fulfilling way to spend any break is by being productive. When my mother left me, she did not only leave her loving memory, but she left me the knowledge of cooking.

Instead of letting those learnings wither away, I put it into practice, not only did I learn so much, I also get to taste a lot of yummy food.


3. Drama

There’s nothing more satisfying that that guilt-free feeling of watching series’s  all day! I could watch start of the season episodes from Revenge,  know what will happen next to Chuck and Blair, and will Elena become a vampire? No school stuff to delay me from watching my most awaited episodes.



Amanda Clarke a.k.a Emily Thorne



chuck and blair


All in all I had a fun 1 week vacation. I can’t wait for Sembreak week 2. Off to HK!


4. boating

(L-R) Gen,Karen,Carol,Cherryl,Me,Patty,Tina,Marga,Carla,Tish on our Island Hopping last Oct.23,2012