Facing Tomorrows

by Akim

Dreaming of the same place over and over again,  I just know I am meant to be there. Whether to stay or to visit, to tour or to explore, I am meant to travel Europe.
It calls to me, when I am awake and In my dreams.
On the dawn of August 5, 2012, Me and Cherryl were bound to leave on a plane going to Paris. It was a gift from my Kuya. The cherry on top of it all was that Adam Levine was to go with us,  handsomely waiting for us at the airport.

Imagine the excitement of a blind who is given sight. The feeling was real, as if I can’t help myself from the overwhelming euphoria. I didn’t even care when asked if I had a camera, I didn’t bring one but it didn’t matter, I am going to be there.

“This is the perfect time to find myself” I told my friend as I was reminiscing my mother’s face. ” She’s never coming back?’ I asked. No answer. I must have really missed her.

So I presented my documents to the migration officer who held my fate. She gave me hard time with all the questions until she stamped my ticket and passport. I was through, I am really going to TRAVEL TO PARIS.

I could not wait to see the Museums, the restaurants, the side attractions, the streets, the underground chaos, the rustic cafes, the snob crowd.

I could not wait to indulge on the World’s history, the Conspiring theories and stories, the sight of Eiffel.

Have you ever tried waking up from a delightful dream, just to find out all of it was never real.  Not even close to real. It does not feel good…. at all.
This dream may tell me of two things I will and may never have. My mama, and a European travel. The projection of my desires are unfailingly well played in that dawn dream, ” She’s never coming back” – I realized. But “I am going to Paris” –  I also dreamed. If I cannot have both, I will take one for sure.

Traveling won’t be as good a motivation as my mother had inspired me. But life calls us to face every tomorrow of our awakenings from a dream. Life goes on, face every tomorrow with a heartstrong spirit that will never bend.

I love you so much mama