For the Lava Dance

by Akim

A life of a Physical Therapy student in one of the most prestigious medical schools in the Philippines is not easy. period.

So after a tiring three straight days exam, a stress buster is just what the doctor ordered.

After a scrumptious delight in one of our favorite desert spots (FUDGE) me and the girls decided to watch a (and may I say a really hot) Movie.


Mind you, the storyline wasnt so impressive, in fact it was immaturely progressed as we go along the movie, according to my friend Cherryl, it was unrealistic. Even the characters didnt know much how to act.

But this isnt about the acting is it?

The perks:

The moves were INCREDIBLE, JAW DROPPING, AWEMAZING, STUNNING, ADRENALINE RUSHING (that didnt sound right, but let’s go along with it.).

One of a kind.

The best step up dance moves yet.

Nice plot. (since flash mobs have become popular these days)

Hot dancers (especially Ryan Guzman- the lead actor)

Hot Dance moves (Talk about dirty dancing)

Need I say more?

I’ll say more anyway:

Miami, the heat, the hips, the people, the scene, the rebelliousness.

It was an adrenaline ride.

It was the perfect day to relax and let loose, the movie itself helped us achieve that.

We were left in awe of everything that happened inside the cinema. We wanted to flash mob in the center of all people lining up next to watch the movie, right there and then.

THE CAST: Chen, Tish, Geggy, Me 🙂