Jeepney ride home

by Akim

There are jeepneys everywhere. They go in different directions and routes.

When put in a situation of choosing, which route will you take?

The one that gives you fun and leisure, or the one that takes you home?

From the place where we stand in that little corner of the street, Jeepneys drive by as we are to choose our destination.

Where do you want to go?

For the past few years, I have been on my own battling the crowded streets. From school, I look at people choosing their next paths. Some say “lets go have fun” or some  “I don’t want to go home”

It got me wondering, Have I been right to choose to say “Go ahead, I’m going home”

Riding a o4c jeep to the University of San Carlos Main Campus, 10F going to Basak, 44A going to Camella and a tricycle going straight to our house.

It seems a long way from home, blending in the busy rhythm of busy streets and rush hours.

As I arrive, I realize my one worthy destination: Home.

Nothing can compare to a warm love a family.

A mother who provides love and utmost comfort. A brother who offers a ready support and strength. When a family is together, there is nothing more complete than that.

We may make wrong turns or make wrong decisions to take wrong destinations, but we can always choose to ride our way back.

So when given a chance, choose where your heart wants to go. Choose what your heart holds most important.

Take the long jeepney ride home.