Born with a Superhero

by Akim

Meet My Big brother, Mr. Jowell G. Silverio

What is a brother’s place in a family?

“A brother shares the most precious childhood memories and share your grown up dreams”

“They have been there from the dawn of the most inevitable stories.”

Either a little brother or a big brother, siblings may have huge differences but to a little sister, a big brother is her protector, and a knight in shining Nike sweater jacket.

A brother is not just somebody who is close to you, not just a key to your past.
A brother is a best friend

Me and my kuya are  brother and sister by love and blood. Born from the same womb of  our beloved mother.

My kuya (big brother) is Strong, when I am Weak. He takes the front seat when I am too scared. He pushes me to fight my fears and reach my full potential. He pushes me over the edge to see more of what I am capable of.

My kuya  dances annoyingly when he is happy and laughs unstoppably when I’m the funny one.

At times when I thought I was alone, a real friend he was all along. Offering smiles when I knew at those times he too was hurt.

Coping with my mother’s death was not easy and that was the time we both knew the best thing to do was to stick together through the agony of our loss.

All along he has been a shade from the dark days that would attempt to spread a blanket of sadness over me.

In my eyes, He was the strongest, smartest and wisest person I know. In my eyes, as if he couldn’t do anything wrong.

Ever since a little girl, I knew I was already born with a best friend slash superhero. Anything I ever wanted and needed my kuya would give, as if spoiling an already spoiled little girl wasn’t enough.

My kuya, just like my mama, protected me from any harm’s way. Making sure I still do live comfortably achieving the full capability of my childhood fun and frolic.

He is the brother whom I am very proud of. I remember as a little girl that I would tell my friends I had the best Kuya in the world. That he is like my second father. I remember telling my friends in gradeschool that my kuya gave me this, my kuya gifted me that. I remember bragging to my friends in Highschool that my kuya graduated his second degree being which is Bachelor of Laws. I remember telling my college friends that he is the most resourceful person I know, I have gadgets and things for that matter that I can only have access to just because kuya does his research  of what is best. I remember telling my friends now how my kuya is the kindest person I ever know and how he remains strong for the both of us following our aching loss.

The one thing that may be the best thing amongst the sea of goodness in him, is that he lets me enjoy life to the fullest at the same time still looking out on how I grow to become a kind person.

He, besides my mother, encourages me to try new things, conquer my fear and according to his motto, “Carpe Diem!”(Seize the day)

I can say that family-wise, I am very blessed by God, and I choose to be blessed so much in no other way. My family is my treasure and my home. No matter how far I go in life, I will always go back to them. Big dreams and accomplishments mean so much more with a supportive team of handsome kuya and beautiful mama backing you up every step of the way.

Me and my brother miss our mama so much but we both agreed we have no regrets. We love our mama to the fullest, She lived a life being proud of her two little offsprings knowing she is dearly and superbly loved by my brother and me.

We may not realize it earlier, but the most precious persons you can have in your life is your family.

Every minute of solitary thinking led me to the conclusion that we should never ever ever take anything for granted.

For we will only know the value of a moment, when it all becomes but a memory.

Never take family for granted. Do not be blinded of whats in front of you.

Love your Parents, Brothers, and Sisters as if you know that soon, you may be missing just their mere touch and smiles.