by Akim

I don’t know why I feel sweaty and dirty even if I just took a bath yesterday. Must be the heat.

Well its summer now in the Philippines and although I have looked froward to this event ever since 3rd year of college started, all my looking forwards went down the drain. I just don’t know how to be happy spending a school free summer with my mama gone, when all the plans I had practically included her in it.

What I would’ve done for summer if my mama was still here:

1. Have a massage together

2. Clean and paint each other nails

3. Dye and cut my hair

4. Sew a pillow together

5. Watch countless movies all summer

6. Talk about the books we’ve read

7. Go to beaches

8. Play Bingo with her

9. Play cards with her

10. Take out her white hair

11.Make anything out of paper machet

12. Eat out together

When summer was the guaranteed time I would get to spend more time with her, since for ten months, school has been eating up my life, She said goodbye even before my free time can start.

For the first few days of summer, I didn’t know what to do the first thingΒ  I woke up. I had to literally trick myself into getting out of bed amidst the challenge of it.

In my bed I would tell myself :

1. Lift your head

2. Lift your trunk

3. Pull yourself up

4. Don’t lie back down

Or another alternative is to tell myself:

1. They won’t have something to eat if you dont get up.

2. You can read a book today.

3. Friends are coming, who’s going to entertain them?

4. Mama needs you to pray for her today, get up.

So obviously, I miss my mama. Why couldn’t she wait at least until summer was over? well I can’t really decide for her fate. That’s not my job. And I couldn’t complain either. His will be done.

Well one thing I look forward to this summer is that I get to go to India to see my father again.Β  Will be posting about the Wonderful country soon πŸ™‚

Have a happy summer πŸ™‚

(I’m sorry if ever my post brought you down)