I Don’t know why I love books.

by Akim


There’s a good feeling about getting your hands on a book, reading it and finishing it. Because of course, Reading is a way to escape the boring routines and diverge yourself once in a while to the lives of another, to diverge your mind in an authors making. To open your mind to a new world

Here are some things that you might relate to If you are a such a booklover/bookworm such as me.

1. You feel rich when you get inside a bookstore. Surrounded with books you browse through each one as if you own them all.

2. When you get your hands on a book, you feel its power rush through you like an electricity waiting to power up the imagination

3. That giddy and little excited kid feeling when you just bought a new book

4. Your idea of a break is an iced coffee, a comfy couch and a good long book

5. Your favorite shop is Power Books, Fully Booked and National Bookstore

6. You have a booklist awaiting to bought and read

7. You can spend one whole day in a bookstore just browsing on the Young adults section

8. You smell the pages of both new and antique books.

9. You write you’re favorite quotes down from the books you’ve read

10.You take care of your books like they’re little fragile babies

11. You tried atleast once finishingΒ  a book in one day

12. You try to imitate the lead character in the book or try to relate yourself to him or her

13. You write a blog about the book you just read.