The Defining Moment of 11:11

by Akim

I looked at my phone SPONTANEOUSLY and RANDOMLY and saw that it was exactly 11:11 pm.

It was a familiar time. There is this superstition saying you get to make a wish at 11:11 am or pm, and it will come true. I know that’s not real and its stupid to think that a wish, whatsoever  could even come true.

But someone gullible as I took that chance.

“Hmm, what could I possibly wish for?” I asked myself hurriedly before the clock would tick to 11:12 pm

That was the moment that would show me what truly meant to me. That one chance to ask for something and actually pretend it would come true.

What did I really want? time is flying and the seconds are ticking away.

Lots of thought raged in my head. I ransacked for the thing that I would really want to have or happen.

Clock is ticking, mere seconds away from 11:12

What to wish for?

Good grades? Passing this semester? More shopping money? For me to be rich and famous? My mind was a chaos in the midst of time pressure.

But Alas! My heart and mind settle to one decision  and one last wish.

My final decision of a wish :

That my Mom be cured of her sickness.

Mother has been battling diabetes even before she conceived me in 1992. She was diagnosed with Type I diabetes in 2009. January of 2012, She was again brought to the hospital for stomach aches and then was diagnosed to have Alcoholic Liver Disease and advanced  Liver Cirrhosis. For weeks now, mama has been agonizing over her condition, crying of pain.

She was again hospitalized on March 15 up until now.

As she was going through all this, I would just sit beside her, lie down even, I couldn’t do anything, or yet, I don’t know what to do.

Nobody wants to see his or her mother suffer, much more, a mother who makes sure everything is just right for her kids.

When I grew up, When i wake up, It is impossible not to feel my mothers love through the little gestures that she does.

My mother cuts and dyes my hair, Puts on my make up when I was too little to  complain. She buys me things with the little allowance that she gets.Prepares food 3 times a day, seven days a week, food that will match the 5-star restaurants in town.

She trained me to become a strong person. Enough not to become a spoiled brat, enough to know my way through life, enough to bring me closer to our God, enough to make me proud of myself for what I have grown into.

Whenever I would say thank you for all the things she does she would say: “Why do you say “Thank you” You will only understand what I’m doing when you understand what an unconditional love is.”

So how could I even ask for good grades, passing, riches and fame, When my own fragile mother not at all asked any of those things, but lived contently and happily showing her love to her daughter and son?

So if anyone is listening, this 11:11 pm, make my wish happen.

Me and Mama