5 things that feed my dreams

by Akim

1. FLASHBACKS. This sounds weird. But i seldom get the feeling that I should be in a place bigger than where I am right now.This is probably caused by the fact that when i was little, I used to go to some places with my father. Part of my daddy’s job was to deliver cargo to several countries, countries where they would dock and where we would come down to take a stroll or sight-see for a small while. All the memories of those sights kept coming back, especially backed-up with pictures and flashbacks which make me long for the same ol’ experience.

2. MEDIA. From the National Geographic and Discovery Channel to Koreanovelas and Movies that inspire traveling. My curiosity is being fed by all the images of places Ive never been, places that fill my screen. To name a few, “Leap year” has shown me that I can find my sought for castles in Dublin, Ireland. Lushed with greenery and good scenery. “Letters to Juliet” inspire love and travel in Italy, “Monte Carlo” takes me to my dream destination Paris, France.

3. BOOKS. Adventure plots that take you to out-of-this-world realms. need i say more? These kinds of books and more feed the mind and make me decide that my world shouldn’t be as limited as how I feel it is. Every book is a window which we can peek in and see what is going on out there in an author’s mind, what the author sees, and what the author dreams about. Such books can take us where we want to go. To name a few: “The five people you meet in heaven” opened a new idea of how heaven would be like. The “Percy Jackson” series throw a wave of quests and images for us to dream of, and not to mention my favorite classics, “Sherlock Holmes” and “The Count of Monte Cristo” gives us a preview of England and France

4. LIMITS. Some people would want to think of their life as having no limits, being free. I do not know if this thought is driven by discontentment , but feeling like a bird caged in is worse than feeling discontented (yes, there is a difference between the two). Everyday I go to school seeing the same old stores and same old streets. Everything is so familiar that a little bit of newness wouldn’t hurt. There is much more to see and experience. Places to see and  people to meet

5. FAMILY. All my dreams wouldn’t exist weren’t it for my family. First off, I want to bring them with me wherever we might go. I know my mama, of all people would love to see me a successful woman who have reached her dreams and I want her to be a part of my life no matter where I go or no matter how old I may be. I would want to treat her with her favorite foods from Malaysia and Singapore, treat her to the best Italian foods where else but in Italy itself, buy her the finest Pizza in Rome, eat fattening yummy loaded burgers from the States.

It will always be my dream to travel with the people I love, because in the end, it all comes down not to where you are, but to whom you are with.