Trauma in Room 201

by Akim

“Physical therapists have the license to touch”

– Ms. Tina

I am proud to say that I have been studying Physical Therapy in Velez for two years and running. I love the career path I chose, its not as pressuring as Nursing. Not as difficult as Medtech. But still as challenging as all other medical courses.

Physical therapy students in Velez are known for being the most relaxed students in campus.

Our resident schoolmates can be seen studying even during break times and can be judged as silent and brainy people. One look at them will tell you what medical students are made of. But a second look at the PT students will blow your expectations.

First of all, only a few of us actually study the night before a test, we all cram during free periods of the next day. You don’t see us walking silent and minding our own business, we shout and laugh loudly as we want, bothering other medical students who stare at us with sour looks. If you’re looking for fashion and fun, go to a PT classroom, you can’t find it elsewhere in Velez. No plain white uniforms and slacks for us, usually, you can find some of us, especially guys wearing maong pants with the usual blouse uniform.

Physical therapists in Velez are taken in a collective noun, very well known by the teachers who loathe us. One teacher called us unruly, and another said he/she gets exasperated by us, which is a powerful word substitute for “driving mad”

Amidst this infamous reputation, you can find the most talented students in PT, the artists, the dancers, the singers, the skateboardists, the jocks. We work as a team, and we are closer compared to the other blocks. We go together in big groups, we study together, inform each other, and most undeniably of all, we fall in love with one another.

Though People and schoolmates may see us as an unserious group of people, we know deep inside our strengths and accomplishments. We see in each other the goodness in each one of us. We help each other in facing the difficulty of our endeavors. We believe in one another. Most of all, we strive and struggle to pass :p

And no matter what, this “unruly” group of people will graduate Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, together. No cheating.