The Road less taken

by Akim

To be or not to be? That is the question.

Since I was in the 3rd grade, I wanted to become a lawyer. I always knew that I had good linguistic skills that I had never shown to anyone in my life. Well, maybe except to myself, In the mirror. My kuya being a law and accountancy graduate inspired me further follow his exact footsteps. But, I’ve discovered, to have this kind of occupation is to deal with mean people who wouldn’t take the time out to hear you out. One example was when I was in third year. I tried my best to speak out during our English class and found myself in a student-teacher dispute. I know it is good to have intellectual discussions but I then ask myself, Am I just enough not to fail? For me, failing is the worst feeling in the world. It’s like the entire universe turns their back on you and you wouldn’t know what to do next. At some point in time. I thought to myself. What if being a lawyer isn’t my calling? What if something else much better was in store for me? I realized, there is more to me than just having arguments all day. I should use my skills to help people. Then I knew that God called me to be a healer, and the thought of it makes me happy. It’s like exploring a world totally new to me. I admit I am very academically inclined in the science area. And my NCAE result did say that investigative skills are my strength. So why not become a doctor? How about that? A doctor and a lawyer in our family. That would make my mama and daddy proud. And by fulfilling this dream of mine, I know God would be happy. And god would lead me to a way he has prepared for me.