The risk of losing grip

by Akim

The Risk of Losing Grip (Josenian OAR editorial)
By: Allyza Kim Das
You’re on your way out; friends are waiting in the nearby eskinita, armed with your newest outfit and an alibi to your parents. Your heart is thumping as you can’t wait to be free at last!!!
Get the picture? The feeling of excitement and glee can’t be concealed at a time like this. Surely, nothing can beat the sense of foreboding happiness when you’re going out with friends and meeting a few of the opposite sex.
Remember: Loving that feeling is a dangerous thing.
You think “Nothing can go wrong on a day like this!” well, think again!
A drinking and even smoking session in random bars and stores is what teens think is cool nowadays. Well, maybe not necessarily cool, but why do they have to consider it a need for them when Saturday arrives? The real risk is upon the girls. Ever wondered what may happen if they drink too much and lose control? Who will be responsible for them, when all that are with her are as juvenile as she is. Who will discipline them in a time like that? when their parents aren’t around, noting that their parents don’t know where they really are. So are the boys, In a waythat the girls are temptations and the bots are tempted.What will happen?.
Not all boys take advantage, but we all know the evils of alcohol. It can turn the most respectable and noble men into complete scoundrels.When Boys have had too much too drink, girls better steer clear. Booze and boys aren’t really a good combination. Parallel to the fact that teens get so experimental when they’re out and free. Teens tend to do wild things when they get too drunk or maybe even a little tipsy. You can just expect them to throw up anywhere. Good if that person throws up in the toilet or in the middle of the rainforest ehere no one can smell that stinky stuff coming out of that person’s mouth. What if he throws up in a public place with his group of friends surrounding him? or maybe throwing up in the taxi he is riding on his way home. Not degrading enough? Picture a drunk teen on a bar, whether dancing around the table or uttering words nobody can understand and ending up picking a fight.People are watching and whispering spiteful remarks. That is emabarassing enough and he doesn’t even care to think how his parents would feel, if they saw their son and daughter doing all those things and more. Not knowing all this time that thair definition of fun and freedom is drinking too much,smoking a lot,picking up fights,fooling around with the opposite sex and even passing out in bars and streets without a sure knowledge of how they could get home safe.So, if we have even a little love for god and our parents, even a little humiliation and pride for ourselves, then we would stop all these folloshness that has been plaguing our young minds and depriving them to focus on the more important things in life. Like studying harder to make his parents proud. And aiming for what he really should achieve. This is an undeniable fact in every teen’s life but we have a choice.
always remember that YOU HAVE A CHOICE.