A surprising answer

by Akim

“kIKAY, nka pasar ka Velez” this is what kuya said over the phone when we were having our youth camp in Negros. I felt so happy. there and then, i knew what God’s will was for me. March 2009 : i took the entrance test in USC. But the possibility of me getting in in USC as an accountancy student felt soo wrong. I was imagining myself in the shoe of that student. I felt incomplete. Something else was in store for me. I knew that. But i just didnt know what that thing was which was missing. Which was supposed to be for me. until, i remembered, there was a point in time during high school when i thought of going for PT(Physical therapy) lots of people discouraged me with that. Saying that id be just a masseuse after. but i just took the exam in velez This April anayways. I had a really good feeling about it… to the point i really wanted to pass. I said to myself, this must be what god wants for me. And then it happened, we were in negros at that time, and kuya called, “kikay, nka pasar ka Velez”… i was overjoyed. i thanked god for showing me the path he wanted me to take. And now.

It is April 13. 10:31 pm. Ate gladys just offered me a summer job. my first ever. i took the chance…i do hope i get this one..*crosses fingers*