A sneak into the future

by Akim

Youth, as it has often been said, is the fighting age. Every kid has his own battle to face. In my case, I am still in the battlefield. Where Blood and sweat meet, where joy and pain collide, where happiness and fulfilment reign and where failures and successes are companions. It is not important that I win or lose. I could care less of winning. For indeed, there is no end to this battle. Even as I graduate, go to college, be a professional, get married, have kids, die. The battle never ends. For me, It is not the destination that matters, it’s the journey itself that counts.
Ever since the sixth grade I knew very well that I have gone astray from the life I’ve always wanted for myself and my family. I have engaged in bad activities, went with bad influences and tried new things that’d cause me ruins. Until now, my past still haunts me. It wasn’t until I almost got expelled from my dear alma mater that I decided to change for the better. Boy! What a struggle it has been. I had to say goodbye to a big part of my life that was slowly eating me alive… like leprosy. So it was then, I bade farewell to nonsense relationships and old friendships that destroyed me as a living person. I went on to take action. Work on myself, and making my life worth living once again. For that is just all that I want, and I know that isn’t too much to ask.
So far, I’ve enjoyed my newly-found purpose in life. By joining the cast of the Bethlehem in Talavera last year, I’ve met lots of good people and made many friends who’d be with me till the end. They’d always be with me whenever I need comfort. They’d scold me if they must to protect me from myself. Proven and tested! They make me feel like a winner. Unfortunately, most of them graduated already, still, we promised to keep in touch with each other. But I know college life would be busy. Yet, I’ll never forget the people who left their footprints in my heart.
I knew I was already a smart kid, but not smart enough. Worse than that, I am a very lazy person. And that is such a down pull on my part. You could have all the knowledge and skill sin the world but it still wouldn’t be enough if you are lazy. I know this is such a firewall to my true goals. I know I have to do something about it, now or never.

I want to see the world before I die. But being a loser is a hindrance to this dream. Truth is, I don’t have any plans for now, for people always made me believe that I should just do what I must. Do well in school, then help at home; with occasional day-outs with friends. I guess just being ordinary makes you a loser. But this is all about to change. From the day of graduation, I promise myself that I won’t let other people talk me out of doing what I want. I’ve realized that what only makes me a winner is to follow what I truly want. Screw the rules and what other people want. It’s what I want that matters. That’s why, I shall work hard, for it is the key to gain massive income after college, and retire by the time I’m thirty. That way, I can travel, and see the world. Look out for me, the winner, the future billionaire..